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Julia is the most sweetest,gentle girl. Always lays somewhere up high to observe and not to miss a thing.

    She is the thinker...and engages in group plays strategically so she can always outsmart the rest of the gang.

    Always in mommy's shadow and she absolutely loves, loves to travel and it doesn't matter if its by car, boat or airplane.

Karina  is the girl in charge. Don't challenge her because you will loose. She can perfect the "puppy look" just so she can get away with anything. She is always on a mission either to figure out why the cat is not home yet or if anyone in house eat their food. She is for sure the alarm system in the house that you can count on.

This girl has lots of personality that I have seen pass on to her puppies.

Vivi  is a love bug! Always in tune with everything and everybody. Loves to cuddle and always in mood to play.

     She learns commands really fast and gives her all at all times. She is not a picky eater and she wont hold back on kisses that's for sure. 

    Give her a toy and time her, because she will have the squawker out in less then a minute.

Shiraz - Danube's Symphony No.9 Ode to Joy

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Dedicated to protect and preserve the poodle breed in a constant search for the poodles that best represent the standard in

personality, health and conformation

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